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The Green Marble Enduro Riders club is a proud member of the East Coast Enduro Association.

GMER is a club of off road enthusiasts from Maryland and Virginia who love enduro. We are individual members of several different clubs pulling together to host an Enduro and Hare Scrambles event in the East Coast Enduro Association series to show our appreciation for the ECEA clubs that host the events we love to ride!

Chartered in 1982, the Green Marble Enduro Riders hosted one of the finest enduros on the east coast for many years at Whiteford, Maryland Under the direction of Don Kirkpatrick and Bruce Triplett, the GMER Trails ran all around and through a large quarry which was the only source of Green Marble outside of Italy, hence the club name. Urban development forced us to look for a new site for the enduro, becoming the gypsies of the ECEA. Rod White took us to Tower City for a couple of years, Kathy and Wolfie took it out to Cumberland, and Kenny,Joe, and Jeff Fisher took it as far as Kitzmiller in western Maryland for a couple of years. Boy, that’s a hike out there. After that dried up, we threw in and helped SORR with check crews and did a hare scramble at Rocket up until 2012