2024 Pine Glenn Farm Sprint Enduro Race Recap

2024 has been a difficult year for us Enduro Riders. After starting out with another amazing Greenbriar on the second Sunday of March, we had to sit back and bide our time as the springtime enduros were cancelled and postponed. It was a long 13 weeks from Greenbriar to this Sunday.

I know I’m speaking for all of us when I say that Ridge Riders MC served up a perfect feast after our involuntary three months of fasting.

When it comes to Pine Glen Farms Sprint enduro you get one of two races depending on the weather. If it’s relatively dry you get a fast, fun sprint enduro. If it rains you get a technical and challenging fun Sprint enduro. With the rain over night Saturday and Sunday morning, in 2024 we got the later.

Pine Glen Farms is a beautiful private property in rural NY state that looks like it was created by God for Sprint enduros and is owned by a wonderful family that allows RRMC to have this event and all of us to race it. This property and this event were the perfect medicine for a bunch of guys and gals just itching for a race.

RRMC set up three sections. They were similar to the sections of the past, but with some cool changes tossed in to keep it interesting.

Section 1 was an absolute blast. The Section 1 song went to the beat of ….. Grass track, into the woods, back to a grass track, through the quarry, back to the grass track, “Hey look there is an old camper out here” , hook around the camper, back into the woods, grass track then into a creek bed “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BIG STUFFED COW DOING STANDING IN THE SINGLE TRACK” then on to the finish.

Section 2 was the most challenging of the day. This was a nice section, You started off riding through the creek bed and on into the woods. You learned really quick that there were rocks buried in that mud. If you found yourself getting too cocky a sharp hit to the front tire from a boulder you never saw buried in the dark mud humbled you right quick.

Section 3 was also a very fun section. It was a mix of the type of terrain in section 1 and 2 with some hills tossed in for good measure. In this section the grass track went up and down the hillside. Ridicules fun! but you better watch those down hill turns on the wet grass or you and your bike were going for a slide!

Kyle McDonal took the overall Win on his Beta

Tucker Beddiges came out in 2 nd on a Husqvarna

Ryan Canavan got on the Podium in 3 rd riding a Husqvarna

Tucker Beddiges also took the overall in A class

Ryder Sigety took B class riding a YZ125 that sounded like a pack of angry bees coming down the trail.

Ryan Nakonechny took the overall in C class on a Husqy

Emily Miller (Honda) won the Woman’s class

Scott Masters (KTM) won Masters A

D. Scott Evans (KTM) won Masters B/C

Duke Finch (KTM) took the Golden class win.

A special thanks to the Ridge Riders MC. This is a great group of guys and gals that know how to put on an event. Excellent organization, super fun trails and encouraging friendly club members everywhere. You guys served up an awesome event to those of us that really needed it! As said many times “RRMC has their S##T together”!

Also, a special thanks to the property owners. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing property with us. Without you folks, this event would never be.