Posted on behalf of David Glenn, Hare Scramble Director of the ECEA:


A message from Dave Glenn our HS Director. Please take the time to read.

Thank you for participating in the ECEA Hare Scrambles Series. After careful consideration the Hare Scrambles committee has come up with some guidelines to help make the signup process more efficient.

First we cannot emphasize enough the importance of entering online if you know you are racing.

-After you have been through the signup trailer for your first event for the year you no longer have to come back to get scanned.

-You just enter online and at the event go to sign the waiver at the clubs event signup and go through tech to check your transponder. Verify the number and class, it is up to you to get scored.

-Please make sure your helmet number is legible. If not please get a new sticker from the signup trailer.

For Youth day of signup we ask that you arrive at the event as early as possible to get signed up. Typically Youth signup doesn’t get backed up unless there is a computer issue.

For Adult signup If you must sign up the day of please consider signing up Saturday 3:30 pm till 5:00pm. If you must signup on Sunday we are limiting day of signup on Sunday from 7 am till 9am for the morning race and 10:10 am till 12:00pm for the afternoon event.

If you show up after these times you will not be signed up until everyone that is pre entered is through the line and if there is enough time to sign you up before the event begins.

Morning race signup for pre entries closes at 9:30 am on Sunday and the afternoon race signup for pre entries closes at 12:30pm on Sunday. We need to have time to download sign up into the scoring trailer. We also need time to stage the riders on the starting line and perform our pre race announcements.

Please help us help you have a great race experience. Please sign up online.

We are going to start our events on time. If you show up late to signup and are not ready to race that is not our fault. Be respectful to the event organizers and to your fellow racers and get to the event early. If we don’t get enough online participation we will have no choice but to raise day of entry fees to account for the extra cost of signup personnel and equipment.

NO PIT RIDING! A Rider entered in the event may only ride/race his/her machine on the designated course during the event. There is to be NO riding around the event facility or grounds by the entered rider other than to Tech, the starting line, and from the finish to his/her transport vehicle/pit. A maximum of five (5) mph must be observed and a helmet must be worn.

NO PIT RIDING by Spectators or Crew without consent or permission. This includes: scooters, electric competition bikes, ATV’s, Golf Carts, and/or Side by Sides. Violations of Pit Riding will result in disqualification of the rider and possible removal from the event of rider, spectator, and/or crew.

Thank you

David Glenn Director of ECEA Hare Scrambles racing