Well I’m two days late on this race recap- because I spent the last two days cleaning the mud and grass off my bike. Wow what a race!

Ithaca Enduro Riders put on one Hell of an event this past Sunday despite some bad weather late in the week. On Friday before the race, the course was pummeled by over two inches of rain. The ground conditions of this course after two inches of rain would be best described as a combination of Vaseline and WD40 mixed with 2-3-foot long clumps of wet weeds. This concoction of materials loaded up on exhaust headers, calipers, rotors, wheels and chains like pre-historic cement.

Luckily for everyone the sun came out on Saturday and dried things up just enough that the puddles had bottoms by Sunday’s race. The course consisted of three sections with a predetermined number of tests based on class. Section A was the shortest the most technical, with some quick steep uphills that were rutted up and slippery as snot. We also got a quick run up a creek bed and a little grass track thrown in for good measure. Section B was roots, fun and long uphill runs, lots of elevation changes, roots, mud and then some more mud and roots. Section C was the fastest with some great single and double track flow and some speedy grass track sections tossed in with a short creek run to the finish line.

This was a Super fun and challenging course and not for the faint of heart. After the race the parking area was filled with smiling, exhausted riders who looked like they and their bikes were just pulled out of the bottom of a swamp.

Hunter Bush (Gas Gas) took the overall win Kyle McDonal (Beta) took second overall Devin Macavoy (KTM) took 3 nd overall Devin Macavoy (KTM ) also took the overall in A class. Nathan Havens (Yah) took the overall in B class Nathan Elston (KTM) took the overall in C class.

Kerri Shank (KTM) once again took first in Women’s class David McCall (KTM) took first in Masters Class Larry Barnes (KTM) took the win in Legends Class

Thank you to all the members of Ithaca Dirt Riders for all the hard work you put into this event. You guys did a great job putting this race together despite the rough weather leading up to the event. The three sections were a great mix of fun and challenging terrain. The rider information provided at the riders meeting was spot on. You guys have a beautiful property to work with and many thanks go to the land owners.

See Everyone Sunday at Beehive! Pig Pen

Photo cred to K82ke Photography - click here to find her work on Facebook