What if someone told you a story about an imaginary place where Kenny Lee Taylor can start an Enduro right on the main Street of a small town in Central Pennsylvania? What if they said that there is mile after mile of tight single track covered in chocolate cake dirt that goes up and down the hillsides like a dirt bike Roller Coaster in the woods all around this small town?

What if they said that in this special place, the locals welcome you into their town, feed you, and invite you to swim in the town pool right next to the parking lot after the race? What if I told you that this place and this race really exists?

In my mind, there is no such thing as a bad Enduro. A day on a dirt bike with my friends at an ECEA event is always a great day, but we all have our favorites. For me personally , as long as it’s relatively dry, Three Springs as a whole is the most fun system of trails on the ECEA Schedule. All day tight single track with crazy and rapid elevation changes , with a creek bed tossed in the middle of the day and tons of fast flow with MX style berms and turns.

Yes, the course is awesome- But what really makes this event special is the town of Three Springs and the people. The folks at the Fire company, the locals waving from their porches, the ladies at the free water and Gatorade stand before section 5, and of course the swimming pool and showers that are open and free to all the riders after the race. For one weekend every year in July, The small town of Three Springs becomes an Enduro Rider’s Paradise.

Cassandra Ficcaci on the pipe, barreling down a creek

Kyle McDonal (Beta) took the day, finishing 1st

Mike McGinnis (KTM) took 2nd

Brandon Rymarzow (Gas Gas) finished the day in 3rd

Luke Ross (KTM ) took the overall in A class.

Ronald Perry (KTM) took the overall in B class

Ezekiel Weaver (KTM) took the overall in C class.

Kerri Shank (KTM) took first in Women’s class

Robert McNeel (KTM) took first in Masters A Class

Stanley Poulsen (KTM) took first in Masters B/C class

Sam Jones (KTM) took the win in Legends Class

Thank you to all the members of Green Marble Enduro Riders for all the hard work you put into this event. The course was awesome and the venue is fantastic. Most importantly, GMER has put a lot of time and effort into developing a close and very positive relationship with the Three Springs Community. The Club sponsors the town’s Homecoming Carnival and the community swimming poll. This is not only a good thing to do in general, it also promotes a positive relationship between the enduro community and the townspeople. Awesome Job GMER, you guys put on an amazing event and are great ambassadors of our sport!

Pig Pen