I few reminders to the racers of the ECEA Hare Scrambles

  • If you are racing for Year End Banquet Awards, please make sure you are on your clubs roster or an associate member where required, youth series and C riders are not required but encouraged to join a club.
  • The Classes A 251+, B 251+ , C 251+ are NOT open Class to any bike, Meaning your bike MUST BE 251cc or more. ex 300, 350, 450 etc….if your Cylinder is stamped 250cc, 249cc or less, You will be DQed for riding the 251+ classes.
  • Racers CAN NOT use any type of radio communication to their, teams, crews, other riders, parents etc..
  • Pit Riding is forbidden unless going to tech or the track on entered race bike and keep it first gear, slow. Use of pit bikes, ATV, Golf Carts, Side by Sides, etc ARE NOT ALLOWED unless specifically permitted by events club/promoter.
  • If another Hare Scramble event gets Canceled then we will be down to 1 Throw Away.
  • PLEASE use the Online Pre Entry System for Events, it saves time in line and once you are inthe system, check in at tech/test tag. sign waivers and go race, no need to get in line…..