After the dearth of enduros the last couple months, we are ramping up fast! RRMC just pulled off an excellent sprint enduro and we’re now looking at many back to back weekends of racing enduro and harescramble this summer.

With that said, there are a couple important things that you need to know.

Firstly, both the Barbed Wire Enduro and Rattlesnake National Enduro registrations are opening tomorrow night, June 14th, at 8pm. Barbed Wire registration is on Moto-tally as usual. The club is requesting that, if you are signing up with others, you designate one person to sign up ALL riders that you wish to be placed with on the row. Please do not put names in notes on moto-tally as it really makes drawing rows a nightmare if the club is to accommodate your requests.

Regarding Rattlesnake Enduro, as it is a NEPG event, registration will be on Live Laps at 8pm on June 14th. Here is the registration link.

To register for Rattlesnake, click the registration link, click “sign up here”, create an account on live laps (it’s free), and proceed through the registration process. Note that Rattlesnake Nat’l Enduro sells out very quickly and I advise you mark your calender and be at your computer ready to register before it opens at 8pm. Otherwise, you may miss out on this excellent event.

If you have any questions, please visit the club pages on this website to find the club’s contact information.