There were rumors going around for a few months that the CJCR crew were up to something big this year. “Did you hear they are going to do a start control this year?” , “I heard they got access to new land”. “I got a buddy in the club who said they have a 10 mile section in the works”. It all sounded good and exciting and as more rumors became facts it became more exciting. Then Pine Hill sold out for the 1 st time in as long as anyone could remember. Now it was time, sold out, rumors flying, peak excitement for weeks leading up to the race. The stage was set, would Pine Hill and the CJCR crew Deliver?


Let’s call it what it is. CJCR went from an Enduro that was 33 miles of whoops, then lunch, then 33 more miles of the exact same whoops. To a bad ass and super fun Enduro of 6 sections of single track, fire cuts, lots of virgin woods trials, some tight stuff, some sand, some whoops and a damn near 10-mile section of everything thrown in at the end. Holy Hell, where’s the Tylenol!

In one year, Pine Hill went from a race that most of us only did for points to a “must do” event that is going to sell out every year moving forward. Yes, I’m gushing over this race- Because I loved it !! and so did all my friends who rode it! It was a blast! I can’t say enough about the time and work the CJCR crew put into turning this event around. None of what they did was easy and it sure wasn’t done in a year. They were persistent and dedicated to bringing this race back and it payed off big time. Pine Hill is back on the map and if you missed it- man did you miss it!

(Photo credit Ricky Pow)

Tegan Temple (Husq) took the overall win for the second week in a row.

Kyle McDonal (Beta) took Second

Justin Lafferty (KTM) on the podium in 3rd .

Joe Economou (Honda) took the overall in A class.

Domenic Rinaldi (KTM) took the overall in B class

Jacob Sponsler (KTM) took the overall in C class.

Liz Kiniery (KTM) took first in Women’s class

Chuck Sullivan (Gas) took First in Masters Class

Bill Atherholt (KTM) continues to dominate and took first again in The Golden Class

And Peter Parlett (KTM) once again brought home first in The Legends Class.

Lastly, That wraps up the first four Enduros of 2023 and its been a blast! We got one of the best Greenbriers in recent memory, Curley Fern was awesome and much improved with many all new trails, Sandy Lane was amazing as always and CJCR gave us an entirely new and improved Pine Hill Enduro that I wish I could ride again for the next 4 weeks.

(Photo credit SnapThatMedia - find him on FB and Instagram)

The ECEA has a lot of positive momentum right now. In 2023 the New Jersey Clubs are no longer “just hanging on”. They are gaining ground! We are seeing new trails, more access to lands, and MUCH improved and overhauled enduros. None of this came easy! There are many people who have worked hard for years on this stuff and its so nice to see some of their efforts being rewarded. These clubs are all looking for new members to keep the momentum going, so if you ride and you want to be part of something cool, please consider joining one of these clubs.

In all reality, we will likely never get back the 100+ mile enduros of the 80’s and 90s that the old timers tell stories about. We likely won’t ever see a gallon of gas for under a dollar and a loaf of bread for 25 cents either. Times have changed, the past is the past. But with hard work and dedicated clubs we can continue to have very cool, fun, quality enduros that draw hundreds of riders. The last four weeks have proven it!

See you in June for some New York State Sprint Enduro

Pig Pen