The 85th Sandy Lane, 2023, is just around the corner. Here’s a report from the field via our spiritual leader, Superbike Mike McHale.


What a wild ride - this will be with the best trail you’ll see all year! This event has a terrific layout that builds and builds to an incredible finish. Thank you Trailboss Johnny Herrschaft and Meteor’s trail men. You’ll pay your dues to the “Enduro Gods” early in the day and by the time you finish you’ll take on Jack Lafferty Jr. (remember him??) in a match!

Leaving the start field we’ll run you down the road just for a mile or so then put you into some nice firecuts that SJER didn’t destroy yet (hahahaha) so you’ll get warmed up. Words of advice – this is a timekeeping event….. nuf said!

As you bend around Lake Oswego, I hope you took off your jacket as you enter Donnie’s world, a little mix of old and new that flows like butter. It’s not too long so get on the hammer early and often because the check out is coming up quick. I heard Deveney and his deplorable’s are working this check so don’t hang around too closely or you may catch something! Be careful as it’s two way traffic coming and leaving the section.

When you get back out to the blacktop at the lake you’ll have an additional reset to get a splash of gas if you like as you’ll pretty much be on the hammer for the remainder of the first half! Even though the first few miles is a transfer piece down wide open dirt roads, lose the jacket…… you’ll thank me later…..

As you turn left off of Red Gravel Road, the mph drops a bit – for a reason which you’ll soon see. Don’t be sleeping too much, where’s the check? Did you pass it? Try to stay on top of your minute as the fun starts right past the B/C split. Welcome to Chuck Sullivans and his merry men’s jungle! This WILL BE the tightest trail you’ll ride all year long! It’s over 7 miles long of scrub pines that will shred your jersey to pieces! After all that’s why they call it New Jersey! At the reset you’ll meet back up with the riders that didn’t have to go the jungle – they will be looking at you funny at this point…..

Rest up at the reset as you’re jumping right back into the Fly’in Hawaiians piece at the Start Control. For those that rode the jungle, this feels like it’s “open”. Not really, it’s just an illusion. We have the speed average down in this piece so you won’t feel so depressed. Just get to the end and then enjoy a nice road ride to gas.

Now don’t quit at gas. Really. Don’t quit. The second half is going to slowly build you up so that when you’re done you’ll feel you can keep up with Richard Lafferty! A cool start control and a half mile pit show starts you off into Ryan Fitz’s well groomed trail. Yea, I have to admit, they missed cutting down a few trees here and there, but after all it’s an enduro, not a hare scramble, right? This is the longest piece in the event so you’ll have plenty of time to make up for any mistakes or close encounters of the “tree kind” you may have.

Take a nice break and cruise the roads into Wildman Eddies piece. This piece is fun to ride, with great trail, not too tight. You’ll be at the end of the section before you know it!

Get ready to tackle the last piece. Trailboss Johnny Herrshaft dumps you right into Mark Steitz’s trail. This trail is the best flowing trail in southern New Jersey. It’s incredible! I was following Mike Beeler through the section and he even looked fast! All smiles all the way and it’s over! It’s a road ride to the end to an observation check at the finish so take your time. Great job, congratulations on the finish, everyone should be proud!

See ya on the trail,

SuperBike Mike

IMPORTANT: Note that there is a split, meaning there is a section that only riders in certain classes will ride. If you are in any of the following classes, then you will NOT ride the split section and you will follow the “short” course route sheet:

A-SSR-50 & 55+ B-SSR-50 & 55+ and ALL C-Classes & ALL Specialty Classes.

If you are NOT in any of the above classes, you will follow the “long” course route sheet.