If I would have written a Curly Fern race recap last season, I would have perhaps started with a list of every Chiropractor, Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist in the Tri-State Area. But this year, that was not the case.

Look, we all know the deal. Every ECEA Enduro Club has struggled to some degree with land use issues and the New Jersey clubs have been hit the hardest. SJER has had to fight hard to keep this Enduro alive and if yesterday was any indication, they are starting to gain some ground both literally and figuratively. This year the club was allowed to use some trails that were previously off limits and this made all the difference. To me it felt like half of the whoop sections from last year were replaced by fast flowing (and fun) fire cut trails this year. This change increased the fun factor ten-fold and there were still plenty of whoops to keep everyone honest. The sand and whoops wore you down a little and helped keep you warm and then the fire cuts had you blasting like a lunatic and looking for a 7th gear. In short - we have another can’t miss, super fun, can’t wait to do it again next year, New Jersey Enduro on the calendar and that is awesome!

Hats off to SJER for their hard work and dedication. SJER is a cool club. First off, they have awesome Club Jackets! These guys and gals have had to fight hard to keep this event going and to get permission to use new trails and they should be comended for that effort. The organization yesterday was excellent. Club members were everywhere helping out and very friendly and encouraging. The sticker on the gas can was nice and the coat drop off was a much-appreciated service- thank you to the fellas who stayed in the woods all day watching over our coats.

Kyle McDonal (Beta) finished the day with the overall win.

Doug Allen (Gas Gas) came in second and Brandon Rymarzow (KTM) was on the podium finishing in 3 rd overall.

Doug Allen also took the overall in A class.

Walter Andres (Beta) took the overall in B class

Justin McKenzie (Beta) took the overall in C class.

Liz Kiniery (KTM) took first in Women’s class

Chuck Sullivan (Gas) took First in Masters Class

Bill Atherholt (KTM) took first in Golden Class

And Peter Parlett (KTM) brought home first in The Legends Class.

Lastly, a BIG thank you to every one of you SJER club members, trail workers and especially the folks manning the checks. These guys and gals spent their Sunday sitting outside freezing their tails off so us riders could have fun and race. Please know, we see you and we appreciate you. Without these volunteers none of this is possible. Sincerely Thank you!

Credit for photography goes to Daniel Givens (DVTR), Barry Seppy (MMC), and Will Horn with Snap That Media.

See you all next week at Sandy Lane for some games of tree pin ball Pig Pen