Some hard fought racing this year in all divisons, the ECEA Championship Harescrambles has paved the way for so many champions. A new product of youth harescramble racing has emerged, names like Jerod Stoner, Andrew Delong, Nick Davis, Jesse Groemm, Shane Hufford just to name a few. Now the ECEA FastKIDZ are starting to turn heads, Craig Delong, Thorn Devlin, Justin Lafferty, Mikey Beeler, Joey Scotto are all rising to the top. Some many more young riders not mentioned are also on their journey to the upper rank, the Future ECEA AA riders.

Our top riders from Harescrambles just had a battle, Shane, Jesse  battled, Stoner rode strong, Walter and Mederios just battled from the A open line into the top AA crowd and Len Rehatchek stayed tough to end a great season. Over in the Enduros some great talent hit the trails with great rides by the Melick's. Pasqua was running well but had some tough luck, Compton is a familer name, Lafferty, Dane S, Jarod Kulp and so many more have been running hard all season.

Our Enduro series had always been strong with talent through the years, producing the Lafferty's, what goals for our riders to strive for. 2012 was just another chapter in the ECEA Book of Champions.

Time is a ticking away, 2013 is on it's way, more racing, more fun, more friends and great families. We hope a great holiday season to everyone, rest up and come back racing.


2012 ECEA Season Championship Final Points

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