Oct 2017
We Have been receiving reports regarding A & B class riders reverting back to “C” classes at some of our events.  Let me make this perfectly clear.  Once a competitor has been advanced by the AMA, an association or even self-advanced; he may no longer ride in a lessor class.  The only exception is an “AA” classed rider has to earn that distinction yearly.  There is an appeal process in place for higher classed riders to revert back to a lower class if desired.  However, A request in writing to the assoc. or the AMA is necessary for consideration.  The request will be evaluated with a decision forth-coming.  We enthusiastically appreciate our peers helping to keep our sport as competitively equal as possible and we definitely want our “A” class riders, “B” class riders and “C” class riders to compete in their respective ability classes.  THAT BEING SAID, the same goes for riders competing on cc bikes that are not in their respective classes.  Example:  Open bike riding in the 250cc class.  YOU ALL KNOW THE RULES, Please don’t have us make an example out of someone for the next infraction cause –WE WILL.  Anyone with info pertaining to illegal class or cc infractions are encouraged to report to the run referee.  Upon investigation, if found guilty; the offending person will be disq. from that event.  Subsequent violations could lead-up to a years suspension from our events.  This is possibly harsh-but-necessary.  AGAIN; thanks to everyone for helping us keep sportsmanship in our amateur activities.

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