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Who We Are

The ECEA Sprint Junior Enduro series is a family-oriented, volunteer-driven organization comprised of parents pursuing and instilling their passion for off-road motorcycle enduro trail riding and friendly competition to their own kids and youth of communities and clubs ranging in age from 4 to 16. The ECEA Sprint Jr Enduro Series is a sub series of a larger organization called the ECEA (East Coast Enduro Association).  Each event is hosted by one of the charter clubs of the ECEA throughout the NY, NJ, MD and PA area.
For more information and background go to & Join our Facebook Page  to be kept up-to-date on the latest news and mingle with other racing families!

Direct questions to our Youth Coordinator Andrew -Youth Coordinator

What We Do

The ECEA Sprint Junior Enduro series is designed to introduce the youth rider to an off-road  enduro style event.  It is a timed trail ride testing the rider’s ability to negotiate technical terrain on a kid-friendly marked trail course.  The route may consist of a mix of technical and flat, open, single-track trail, grass, sand, rock, loam and/or other natural obstacles.

Course length for 50cc class is typically about 1 – 3 miles and the Junior/Youth course is usually 3-6 miles in length.  Kids will line up at the start (check-in) and race until they get to the finish (check-out).  They can then either take a break after each lap or ride right back to the start (check-in) to start their next lap.  50cc kids will have their own event and will be given 90 minutes and all others will be given two hours to complete the required number of laps; the number of laps are varied per class and age and designed to give kids enough riding time to have fun but still given 30 minutes of break time within their allotted total time. The required number of laps is posted on the lapboard by the start of the course. Each child will get a scorecard that will be taped to their front fender and lap times are written on the card as well as posted on a large TV monitor in real time.  A professional announcer is at the events giving commentary of the race as they start and finish over a PA system.  Events are family-friendly usually with good viewing of your rider in various spots.

Sign-ups can be done at the event and must be completed at least 30 min before the start time, which is 12:00 Noon for 50cc and 2:00PM for all others. Always check the Flyer or social media for any changes. Sprint Junior Enduros are always on Saturdays, the day before the Adult Enduro.

All paperwork can be obtained the day of the event but it is best to come as prepared as possible to speed up sign-in.  Riders will be given a temporary day number for front number plate and the side of their helmet.

The rider’s lap time is recorded via a transponder that is taped to the visor of their helmet and is also recorded on the scorecard on their fender.  Total time of all laps are added up and scoring results are tabulated and displayed live, real time, on a public monitor.

Racers get a beautiful large plaque at the awards ceremony and the opportunity to get on the podium for a great photo opportunity to close out the day. Our sponsors will add some race day swag for our riders.

The Sprint Junior Enduro offers:

  • Low-pressure environment
  • No mass starts (we start one kid at a time, with a few seconds between each kid)
  • Kids choose who they want to race with and can race with kids from other classes
  • Kid-friendly courses
  • Start and Finish at same location
  • Can take breaks and rest between laps
  • Laps can take 10-15 minutes for 50cc; 15-30 minutes for Junior/Youth
  • Boys and girls compete together by age/class
  • Adult sweep riders and crews on course

This is not a place for a kid to learn how to ride a motorcycle but it is a place for kids with some experience to ride trails with other kids. It can be as competitive or laid back as your child wants.

Scheduled Events 

Visit us here for all our racing 

Requirements  – All available the day of the event

1) Event entry: $35 or pre-enter before the event online here

2) AMA Membership Card – youth membership is only $29 (11yrs and under) Youth discount only available if you call 800-AMA-JOIN. 12+ yrs old is $49

3) JR Enduro Membership Card $10 This will include a rider number.

4) Transponder $5 – available at signup only, one time fee and most other series transponders will work and can be tested at signup

ECEA is a not-for-profit series run by volunteers and always looking more volunteers!

Required Equipment

Participants must wear a helmet, knee guards/pads, shatterproof goggles, elbow pads, long-sleeved shirt (or jacket), boots (at a minimum of eight (8) inches of leg height).

Complete Rules

This is NOT the official rules, just a briefing, for complete description, rules and information of ECEA Sprint Junior Enduro series see the 2017 ECEA rulebook pgs. 24-28 on under ‘Member Info’ and ‘Rulebook 2017’.


The classes and motorcycles that are eligible to ride in ECEA Sprint Junior Enduro:
Go Here 

Points and Standings

Points for year-end awards will be earned with each completed event based on finishing position.  Riders must compete in more than 50% of all events in order to be eligible for year-end awards.  one throwaway.

The Results and Standings can be found at off the menu bar.

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