You made it to the page where you begin the journey to being one of the ECEA FastKIDZ Youth Racers
You can read up on our Youth Hare Scrambles and Junior Sprints.
Then you can select which series you want to ride, we hope both

-The First Stop-

  • First thing you need to do is make sure your AMA is current if not or you need AMA go HERE.
    This process is available at the events, AMA offers $20 day,49 Yearly, $99 Family plans..
  • Our Classes for both series are Listed Here 
  • Next up is to Get or Renew your Yearly Riding Numbers

    -Hare Scrambles

  • You need to pick a number, Check already assigned numbers HERE , Select an open number from 11-1000, 1 thru 10 are offered to top youth riders from previous year. Previous year numbers are honored til 2/1. After 2/1 any non reserved numbers are open to all.
  • Our process is either OnLine or you can Download then Mail in the Application.
    Youth Hare Scramble Rider Numbers OnLine Rider  Number Processing
    NEW Youth HS Number Form for DownLoad  or  NEW Youth HS Number Form, Fill in and Print
  • Once the season starts you can get your hare scramble riding number at the events, the Online Service is limited after the first event.
    See the ladies at Sign Up at any ECEA Hare Scramble, $35 will get you a Yearly Number, you can also try our event for $10, one day numbers.

    -Junior Sprint Enduros-
  • If you are a youth hare scramble rider you can try to get that same number in the Junior Sprint series, you can check assigned numbers HERE in Juniors
    Pick your Number,  Numbers 1 tru 10 are reserved, choose numbers from 11 thru 1000. 
  • The fee for this number is $10 and gives you a Membership to the Junior Sprint Series. a One Day $5 pass is available at event sign up.
  • You can Process your Junior Sprint Membership and Number HERE at our online processing  

    -General Information-
  • Transponders are included with all Rider Numbers and given out at events. YOU ONLY NEED  ONE MotoTally Transponder.
    The transponder stays with you always and mounts under your helmet visor, it works with NEPG, JDay and all MotoTally events.
    Our Transponder will not clash with other series. Replacements for lost or removed transponders are $5
  • SPECIAL NOTE to any FastKIDZ who may want to run the A or B or Women  classes for points, you MUST follow club rules and get a  Number in addition to your youth numbers.
    FastKIDZ running hare scrambles in the C classes or Schoolboy do not need to be in a club or have an Associate Member, you only need an Adult Number.
  • Youth Rider, Parents and Friends, Think About Joining an ECEA Club. Being in a club makes all these events possible. CHECK US OUT
  • Need to Contact us
    Email Andrew Tsakanikas – Youth Director