Introducing ECEA FastKIDZ Enduro Series!

The ECEA is proud to offer a new form of youth oriented off road competition while returning to its roots as an enduro organization. The ECEA will host a five event series, with each taking place the Saturday before the adult enduro.

  • Ridge Run, Deposit NY – June 11th
  • Barbed Wire, Gillett PA – July 9th
  • Three Springs, Three Springs PA – August 6th
  • Speedsville, Berkshire NY – August 20st
  • Moonshine, Mahanoy City PA – September 24th

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Per FastKIDZ (Jr) Enduro Series Committee: “This has been a long-time vision ours. The goal of this series is to introduce youth to another exciting competitive form of off road riding while giving families a full weekend of riding on Saturday and Sunday; furthermore, we will simultaneously cater to new trail riders with abbreviated courses, as well as offering the more experienced riders a challenging experience with approximately 90 minutes of competitive riding within a 2 hour format. In order to accommodate everyone, we will adjust the riding mileage and or times by age and bike class. We will be using the same classes as the FastKIDZ Hare Scrambles Series

We have simplified the timekeeping so any child or adult can easily grasp it with no prior enduro knowledge. Simply put, with the “Jr enduro hybrid timekeeping” all the rider needs to do is complete the course in the allotted amount of time, which will be generous and allow for breaks; Furthermore, once the rider leaves the starting line, the rider can enter course sections at any time, with anyone rider they prefer. Various sections of the course will have a “check in ” and “check out” The time it takes to complete the mileage between the check in and check out is how they will be scored. We will strive to offer a low-pressure trail environment with the thrill of competition for those who want it. If the weather should turn unfavorable, the club will adjust allotted time and/or required mileage.

Our plan is to raise awareness through social media, dealer promotion, ECEA website and simple word-of-mouth. We encourage parents to help participate in Saturday events as well as enter the Sunday adult event.  We are also looking for volunteers this year including sign-up, course setup, photographers, social media promotion, fund raising, sponsors and more.  Please subscribe to the ECEA FastKIDZ Jr Enduro Series on Facebook for updates and watch   Formal rules will be posted soon. Looking forward to a great inaugural season that will only get better over time! Be a part of history in the making!”