Good news, no action required, Pinelands amends resolution…
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Read About 544 HERE     Protection for landowners who allow recreational use of their land….


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The American Motorcyclist Association and the Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association hope you’ll contact your state representative to support an important bill and the appropriate amendments that would protect landowners from the high costs of litigation when they allow legal, traditional recreational activities – such as responsible off-highway-vehicle riding – on their land.
Pennsylvania House Bill 544 is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday. The amendments are also critical. Our software will help you send the right message.
Common sense legal reform is the core of this issue. Landowners must be granted protections from the costs of litigation filed by overreaching lawyers. The current system promotes a climate of fear and intimidation, preventing landowners from using their property as they wish.
The bill, called the Recreational Use of Land and Water Act, is intended to reduce the liability for landowners who allow the public to use their land for OHV riding and other activities. Protection from liability claims would encourage more landowners to open up their properties to responsible OHV riders.
Bowing to pressure from trial lawyer lobbyists, state legislators added amendments that render the bill nearly useless for opening new recreational lands. But now, a legislators’ agreement with the trial lawyers could allow the bill to move from the House to the Senate with only the amendments we support. Further OHV-advocate lobbying may be needed in the Senate, but our message now is clear.
Fortunately, State Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) has offered the practical compromise amendment, A-04738 and Rep. Mark Longietti (D-Mercer) has penned amendment A 04993, both of which the AMA and PaOHV support. We ask that you encourage your representative to support H.B. 544 and only amendments A-04738 and A-04993.
Simply fill out the form below, and our software will ensure your representative will receive the right message – whether to support the bill and proper amendments or encourage his fellow legislators to do so.
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Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help us protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling, and your support will help the AMA fight for your rights – on the road, trail and racetrack and in the halls of government. To join, go to To encourage your friends to join, tell them about the many AMA benefits you appreciate and forward the link to them. Thank you in advance for contacting your representative.
If you have any thoughts or concerns to share on this legislation, please do so by emailing the AMA

From the early days (circa 1972), the ECEA was formed to organize events of regional clubs sharing a common interest in off road motorcycling. The clubs mainly consisted of hard core enduro off road riders with a huge passion for getting together and enjoying a day with the boys in the woods or on a track.
Fast Forward to 2015, these same ECEA clubs filled with passionate members and a following of great friends and families are producing the best off road series on the east coast and maybe in the country and for us this picture is the reason and all the thanks we will ever need.


OK, so you’ve been tricked to read a message that forces you to acknowledge that the DEP is RAILING US and forcing us to ride 4ft deep whoops, fire cuts and roads. Please read the simple info below and activate your voice and opinion. Our kids are depending on you to speak up!!!! 

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