Ridge Riders Hare Scramble at Juniors Farm was another  great event with over 400 riders. Ridge is known to make for good and challenging cours well they did not fall short, with what seemed to be a lot of grass track was mixed with some grueling rock gardens and good ole trail. Hats off to all the finishers and riders this weekend.  Thorn Devlin held off Kyle McDonal for the overall in the main. Max Fernandez held off Brandon Rymarzow for the Morning event Overall..Saturday had great Fast Kid racing with Mikey Beeler claiming the win.

WHATS NEXT — the HMDR/VFTR Moonshine enduro and the HalfMoon Junior Enduro on 924/925…  Closed Course, No Clock needed, JUST RIDE…
The Moonshine once again is the product of 2 clubs, the best trails of both HMDR and VFTR for your riding experience of what could be the next enduro of the year in the ECEA !!!!
Plenty of rows left to ride with plenty of trail for all..If possible please arrive Saturday to sign up or be there Early sunday so we can get everyone signed up. Scoring will be fast and easy  with Mototally and MikeS. ENJOY some Moonshine from VFTR and HMDR.

The Half Moon on Saturday, the final event of the inaugural Junior Enduro Season will feature electronic scoring by transponder in the sprint format being brought to you by Mototally and Cycle Playground. Riders can expect the same look and feel as the other events other than having to bring your helmet to sign up for a transponder check. It is going to be a great event for our youth riders. Riders just need to show up Saturday Morning, sign up,  get set up in computer and get ready to ride. 50cc will run their own event, Junior and youth will run a longer course and an exhibition Schoolboy will be run later in the day.

In the rack ready to be deployed is a brand new event to the ECEA, STER’s Crooked Creek Hare Scramble, Wellsboro, PA..  10/1-10/2

We had some great racing over the last couple of weeks…  Roar at the Shore Hare Scramble by Meteor, IDR Speedsville with our new Junior enduro series.

Next up we have the BEEHIVE, a classic and staple to the ECEA diet of enduros, Michaux and Moonshine/Shotgun with a Junior  are all waiting their turn….

In Hare Scrambles we have Ridge Riders, Ster adds a new event out in the Wellsboro, PA area, Pine Barrons/SJER and Delaware adds a new venue.

Please check the event posts here and in the forums for the lates info.

Green Marble Enduro was a great event, stay tuned for results…

NEXT up is the Roar at the Shore Hare Scramble, Meteor will host their event at Ormand Farms in Millville NJ
Aug 13-14  Get info HERE
NOTE: use of Go Pro and recording devices are PROHIBITED on the property, Please respect this and the landowner/club.

Next Enduro is IDR – Speedsville  8/20 Juniors and 8/21 Adults   INFO PACKAGE

July 30-31 Catawissa,PA – ECEA/MSR AMA East Regional Hare Scramble was held at Southside Conservation Club, this was the 20th Anniversary at this venue. The Shotgun is known for it grassroots style hare scramble, woods, single track, rocks, roots and streams. Mother Nature showed up to lend a hand into the excitement with heavy rain from Saturday mid afternoon til mid morning. The rain not only played havoc with the youth riders but made parking a huge challenge. THANK YOU to who worked with the HMDR during the rain. In 50cc action Austin Tsakanikas took the overall, in the Juniors we had Joey Rainone and in the mud sling youth event Max Fernandez laid down the law to seal the Top spot. Reports from HMDR Trail Boss Mike Soudas .. “during the early laps Fernandez, Beeler and Bruner blazed the mountain switchback trails faster than I have ever seen, faster than AA riders..bar dragging in the rocks was sick to see
After the FastKidz events, our fastkidz fun factory John Castaldi along with Valley Chemical Fire Department put on a massive slip and slide for the kids.

Sunday started off a bit slippery and sliding for the Morning riders but after a lap the mud started to tack and by the end of the event it was primo riding conditions. The morning event was topped by the young gun on fire Max Fernandez setting some blazing speeds with 2 min over 2nd place and 6 minutes over our top C riders Brandon Rymarzow.
the Main Event with almost 3 miles of unridden trail added we saw Jesse Groeme and Thorn Devlin set a 30+ minute lap time. Jesse road hard to maintain the lead and take home the Shotgun.. the traditional award from HMDR.

VFTR Main event finish….. A great weekend racing in Pennsylvania …

Next up is the Brandywine National at Crossfork PA. July 24th Get Info Here

Ending the July racing, we will have the HMDR ECEA/MSR AMA Regional East Hare Scramble, The Shotgun in Catawissa, PA   VISIT HMDR

sg Who will take the Shotgun for 2017..  Will Thorn get the gun, Ryder add to his collection…..