What a weekend in the ECEA, a packed house at TriCounty Sportsman, Port Elizabeth NJ. Nearly 200 FastKidz tore up the trails, Jaden Palmer a double killer in the 50cc and Junior events, Mikey Beeler from behind to take the top Youth slot. Get the Results for the FastKIDZ HERE

Sunday was another epic day, 500+ took to the trails. In the Morning Race, Stosh Wojick 99 was out TOP rider in Sportsman, Devon Macavoy was our top Schoolboy and Jarret Clark was our top C Rider in C open. The Trail was fast and furious and the smooth virgin sand got chopped and sifted..
The Main event featured the Lafferty duo, Ryder and Michael playing cat and mouse all day with Ryder taking the flag. Kyle McDonal 3rd, Wally Palmer, 4th and Thorn Devlin having a great ride in 5th.   FULL RESULTS HERE
Above is Malcom Hill debuting the AA class but he has a bad get off, get well buddy and return strong.

A Special Thank You to all the riders and families that abided by the parking crew, it was the best organized event ever in that pit and it looked like we could have packing another 500, LOL, so if you missed this event, do not miss another ECEA/MSR event.

SEE YOU AT CDR… this coming weekend at Ormand Farms Hare Scramble, Millville, NJ

April 16th-17th Round 1 of the ECEA/MSR Championship Hare Scrambles, TCSMC in NJ. Info HERE
This is the first ECEA/MSR Hare Scramble of the season and we expect a large crowd so THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for racing the ECEA.
TCSMC will have parking police that will stage the parking, please work with these guys and follow the plan.
NO GO PRO Cameras or Drones, PLEASE the land owner and TCSMC noes not allow these devices on the property.
THANK YOU.. see you this weekend.

DO NOT FORGET some of our key Sponsors  Rolling out the ECEA/MSR Series Event Give A Ways, Holeshots, Tires and Swag.


APRIL 23-24th Round 2 of the ECEA-MSR Championship HAre Scrambles, Ormond Farms, yes Ormand Farms in Millville, NEW SPRING DATE, NEW Trails, going to be awesome. INFO is HERE

Don’t Forget you can Pre enter for the Hare Scramble on the top of this page. Online Entry.

Have You heard about the ECEA Junior Enduro Series ?  Get ready it is coming…. Head here for some info and follow the Facebook page.

May is building to be another Great Month with DER Enduro, MCI Hare Scramble, SPER Hare Scramble, RORR Enduro…  JUNE well it gonna be great too…..


Read About 544 HERE     Protection for landowners who allow recreational use of their land….

Wally Palmer styling it to the top spot.

This weekend Meteor presents Sandy Lane enduro  Meteor always finds a way to pull off a great event in the sand despite the NJ land issues, get out and ride this one, good times and fun. GET INFO here and check the ECEA event forums.

Following Meteor on April 10th will be the Pine Barrons Clock Run Enduro, a classic. Get info here 

On to April 16-17th the First Hare Scramble of 2016, Tri-County. Get Ready to ride some of the best hare scramble trail in New Jersey. Info is here 
Get to event early, the parking area has been made larger but many will park on the entrance road.
the PARKING WILL BE CONTROLLED by a PARKING CREW-NAZI. You will be assigned parking and directed where to park. This is being done to keep order and make it easier and safer for everyone as the weekend goes on.