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ECEA Hare Scramble News…..

Numbers Are OPEN For Renewals..
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Online Adults is HERE    FastKIDZ is HERE
New to hare scrambles or for more info go here

The HS Team is looking for a couple volunteers, riders, members to help with the series. Contact us Rick Kivela or Mike Soudas

ENDURO News……….

The ECEA Enduro Series is second to no one in variety, ranging from rocks,roots and sand to timekeeping and start control events. Also a new Junior Enduro series has taken off.
The ECEA Enduro Committee is seeking help from volunteers,member or riders in taking the series to the next level with bringing a new professional look with consistency, electronic scoring and sign up plus promotions.  Contact us thru your club president or directly to Merle Compton

The ECEA known for its’ deep Enduro roots and off-road presence is now the home of the racing industries next generation of champions. Since the formalization of the ECEA Championship Hare Scrambles back in 2000 there was always a few young and fast riders to emerge…Mike Lafferty for one,  Andrew Delong, Jerod Stoner, Kyle Mcdonal, Thorn Devlin, Jesse Groeme, Tegan Temple and more.. hence the beginning of the ECEA FastKIDZ. More national caliber riders have emerged thru this farm team of the ECEA than any other series probably in North America.  What the ECEA offers is not only the best trails and the best club network but a huge family atmosphere for these young riders.
It is the off season but still they come together and have fun as friends and families that make up the ECEA.

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CJCR put on the final run in the ECEA/MSR Enduro Series, Preliminary results are HERE

PDF Versions are in forums…

One could consider this run a typical Bob Agonis run ..Fast and Furious..  It was low scoring but 95% finished and had a good time.
Chuck Stapleford took the top spot with the Glenn’s following.. a lesson in timekeeping, luck and chance was the word….

The last enduro at CJCR commences… it was a great year in the ECEA.

Within the next couple weeks the final Enduro Points will be posted, for now we will list the Preliminary Hare Scramble points.  The Adult Hare Scramble Banquet Award Points are Here Download and the FastKIDZ are Here Download. Jr Enduro Points are Here , Jr Enduro Awards listing TBA

The ECEA/MSR Awards Banquet is warming up.

Get your Banquet ad into the booklets, Vendors can register and place ads, get dinner tickets  and hotel reservations, RSVP for the FastKIDZ; all information can be found HERE .

With CJCR still to go, the final enduro… Stay forums for info on this run.

The Hammer Run Dual Sport completed with nearly 900 riders enjoying the NJ trails.

Jan 14.. Save this Date for the ECEA/MSR Banquet,,details on their way..

Prelim Adult Hare Scramble Year End Banquet Results are HERE . TAKE NOTE ECEA Rules applied. 6 runs min. Club or Assoc, 2 drops….
Questions Comments.. Contact ECEA HS Points Keeper Email MikeS

Kids to Follow. Enduros will be after CJCR.