RORR is in Tamaqua and Thorn is from Tamaqua.. local , former ecea FastKIDZ, has had his ups and down but this weekend Thorn Devlin has proved he is the master of the Rock runs, 2017 RORR Overall Winner.  On his tail was another young rider… Ryder Lafferty held tight to take second overall and RORR member and another youngin for the FastKIDZ core, Jared Mohn  took the 3rd spot..

The ECEA is built for the ground up with an incredible youth program..the FastKIDZ.. Long ago our motto was “Kids are our future” and they have been and will always be…..
Below is Ian Wiesman after giving it 110% at RORR with dad in the background


Last weekend we had the RRMC Enduro weekend with Junior Sprints on Saturday – Results HERE  and the Adult Ridge Run Enduro.

Our Shot Gear Spotlight Rider Mason Tsakanikas

THIS WEEKEND IS RORR Hare Scramble in Tamaqua,,   INFO IS HERE
Online entry is open .  Adults    FastKIDZ

Holeshot awards by MTA-CyclePlayground-Shot Gear, Vee rubber, 100%

Don’t forget Tough Like rorr is coming up soon..July .. see

Last Weekend we had RORR’s Enduro with Brian Maco taking the top spot.. a tough event..

This weekend 6/3-4, we had the GMER/ECEA MTA/ AMA East Regional Hare Scramble…  550+ riders enjoyed the course at Rocket Raceway in three springs PA…   Ryder Lafferty held off Wally Palmer to take the Overall..

Rock runs are here to stay…. We had the SPER OXBO – Skip Stoner Memorial with 600+ riders making it to Frackville for this event was epic. South Penn put together a technically planned and executed course.
Saturday was a bit damp but not really soaked, perfect in fact to ride and ride hard. There was some of the best FastKIDZ racing ever and for this tough course it was fantastic. In PeeWee 50cc action we had Hunter Gardner and Ryder sigety come out on top, the Juniors was a battle royal with Griere Moir and Ray Greniwicz setting the stage, then in the youth Class Max Fernandez made it look easy but he had to”ride” because he had William Holmes and Brayden Niolotte  on his tale for 1.5 hours,..
SUNDAY was another great day with Jerod Stoner taking the morning… In the Main we had Ryder Lafferty hold off a hard charging Thorn Devlin  with Mike Lafferty in tow for our top 3.

This weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, we have the RORR Broad Mountain Enduro and the Junior Kids are back at the SPER site for a Junior Sprint enduro.

RRMC- Ridge Run Enduro and Junior Sprint waits in the gate as does the GMER East Hare Scramble at Rocket