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What are Enduros? It is a motorcycle event that puts the rider and bike against the clock. Enduros are called races by some but they are viewed as a large organized ride starting at Key Time of 8 am to a 2 pm ending time, covering 100+ route sheet miles. During this approximate 6 hour time keeping event, one can expect check points that track your progress, gas stops that give you time to fuel your bike and body and resets in mileage to help keep you on time or give a break. This may seem complicated but is is just a great day on your motorcycle. You make the day into whatever you want, a great ride with friends, a personal quest or an intense ride for the win.

What do you need to get started ? Naturally you need the motorcycle, it can be an enduro purpose bike or a modified MX or cross country bike. Traditional Enduros require some type of odometer, a clock, routesheet holder and score card holder. In a Traditional Enduro the events will include public roads so you need to be enduro legal, motorcycle drivers license, insured and plated bike. Check with the promoting club or event organizer as some enduros are closed course or have parade permits that remove requirements of street legal bike  and rider.

  • Once the bike is ready, you need AMA Membership,
  • Download from the site the flyer and fill out an event entry form, mail it in or go online.
  • There is also an ECEA Enduro Number Application, the online version is HERE

Other tid bits.….  the ECEA rulebook can be downloaded from home page, good info in there, all about enduros and our championship series.
Many Enduros are now following the National Format that takes away the time keeping aspect and are closed course.
In the ECEA you will see a mix of everything, we have a National Enduro or 2 every year, some events use a check in – check out format that keeps the time keeping a bit easier, many ECEA events are closed course to ease the burden of legal bikes.
The clubs get creative in combining formats to meet the changing times, give the riders the best bang for the dollar, a competitive format and most of all fun day on our dirt bikes.

Our Events are part of the ECEA Championship Enduro Series, 16-19 events per year, ride 6 events and become part of our club structure, all this will earn you series points to be celebrated at our annual awards banquet.

Get Prepped with some reading on the series

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