This is the were you find the ECEA Roster, since the ECEA is a Club based organization our Year End Banquet and Awards require club membership. Exceptions are C Riders, Youth Series  and Hare Scramble associates.. SEE Rulebook. Note, Youth Riders running Adult Main series must be listed on roster.

Below is the latest listing of riders submitted by ECEA Clubs, If you are racing for Year end Banquet Awards your name must appear. If not listed here please contact your clubs, your club will then contact the e board to have you added.

Associate Hare Scramble riders will be listed shortly for now Associates can check  HERE

As of 06/01/2017


Club Lname Fname Date
wdt_ID Club Lname Fname Date
1 CJCR Aaroe Bill 1/1/2017
2 HMDR Abrachinsky Brian 1/1/2017
3 SJER Abrahamsen Jason 1/1/2017
4 SJER Abrahamsen Ken 1/1/2017
5 GMER Abramow Doug 1/1/2017
6 MMC Abrams Joe 1/1/2017
7 RRMC Acker Glenn 1/1/2017
8 HMDR Ackley Olive 1/1/2017
9 RORR Adams Ron 1/1/2017
10 TCSMC Adams Kyle 1/1/2017