This is where you can prep, study, answer questions and get your ECEA Enduro Card, this card is required to be part of the Enduro Series.

ONLY NEW APPLICANTS SHOULD USE THIS PROCESS. If you have done the application at an event or LOST your old card please contact Barry and do not use this online process. Send him an email

Follow these Steps:

First you can prepare and gather good information:

  • Go To this Study / Information Guide – Click Here
  • For additional information on Time Keeping – Click Here

Next to Apply for the Enduro Card

  • You will be taken to a question and answer session, there is no real pass or fail but the ECEA requires that an Enduro rider must have basic knowledge to ensure safety to himself and others. If you do not pass on the first time, the second try you will. NO Pressure..
  • Once you complete the questions a copy is emailed to the Enduro Points and Number person Barry Seppy. You can take a copy of your completed online test / email to the event for verification until you get the real enduro card. The Club can issue you a card at event or Barry can mail you one. Contact Barry Send him an email

Last Step

  • Go HERE to Application