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Well fellas, it’s going to happen! A month ago it was a no go, but due to some creative ingenuity by Trail Boss Johnny Hershaftt and public relations experts in Meteor, the 80th edition of The Sandy Lane Enduro is on! TRADITION NEVER GRADUATES

Charlie, so we’re running the entire course at 24 mph!! Even Schleweis could keep time all day now! There will be secret checks throughout the event, with a couple of Start Controls thrown in just to piss off Sounders!

I guess the club decided to have a 9am start due to Cliff Tenney’s old age, but he’s not riding anyway (he want’s to be like Deveney in the worst way). Be prepared for a long road ride right out of the start to get to the riding area. Don’t be angry at the club though, this is due to some unfair restrictions put on us by the state. So if you do pay NJ taxes, you should be made as hell! Oh yea, and don’t do what Stoppi did a few years back as the man may well be watching……

After leaving the blacktop, you’ll ride through the dikes of the largest cranberry producer in the country! Pretty cool viewing. Just take your time and enjoy the ride, we don’t want the dikes to be chewed up. Also, pay attention otherwise you may get wet – those dikes are deep! Entering Chuck Sullivan’s section, you’ll be running through a recent fire zone at a nice pace, with a few surprises thrown in to keep you honest. After this you’ll go by Oswego Lake transferring to the Flyin Hawaiian’s tight piece. Be careful coming and going as this is a 2 way traffic section, no need to go fast either way. The scariest part of this piece will be the check out as it will be manned by the BDJ’s (beer drinking jerk …’s) faction of Meteor, headed by Bob Deveney and Keith Mahon and Maddog Duffy. So if you’re thirsty……..

From here remember, it’s 2 way traffic back to the gas stop, so take your time all the way and be careful. After a half hour break, get ready to rumble as it’s trail, trail, trail! Take your time leaving gas as there are a few spots where the course crosses and there may be some stragglers so no need to rush as you’ll do a little dike crossing before getting to the trail head. Some new, some old, so stay on the hammer! After you finish you will cross a dirt road and enter a start control to the longest piece of the day (around 9 miles) so rest up at the reset! By now you should be able to hear “AA” Al Switzer crying from where ever you are resting. When you’re done you’ll do the same thing again, reset at the road and go 50 feet to the next section! So rest up. If you want to be inspired by greatness, go visit Jack Lafferty Sr and make sure he didn’t lose too much blood in the last section! This is the last piece that flows nicely, so enjoy and get to the check out in one piece. After the check out, it’s all free to the end so take your time as it’s an observation check at the finish in the field. Make sure to hand your cards in and visit Eddie O in the field handing our refreshments!

…… and remember that blacktop that you hated in the morning???? You’ll love it in the afternoon!!