2018 in the ECEA has started with a NEW ECEA Enduro Membership Series card. This NEW card is required to ride an ECEA Enduro and use the Pre entry system.
The cost of this card is $10 annually.  In addition to this Series Membership helping us with our scoring and raising enduros to a new level the card will be honored at over 40 dealers and shop in the tri-state area for an additional 10% off any purchases.  We will post a list of dealers shortly.

TAKE NOTE Greenbriar and the first 3 enduros are right around the corner.

Now to get your card or be able to pre enter an enduro. It is simple, DO IT TODAY and avoid the lines at the event.

Go to Enduro Series Membership ,  Read the fine print, search for your name, use your AMA or first few letters of your last name, try a few combinations.
When your name is found, select the green ADD on the left oof your name,, continue., IF YOU are not found, read further down the page and it will Say ” Add New rider” just do that. The system uses the PayPal processing from PayPal Acct or any bank or credit card.

Give Us a few hours to load your member data into the system.

Now you can use the Pre entry System for an ECEA enduro. that is located at ECEA Enduro Pre Entry

PLEASE do this NOW as the first event is a data building event and the longest lines always happen so Please do the Membership TODAY and Pre enter later that day..

A New ECEA Youth Series is upon us.

The ECEA Youth Hare Scrambles are as good as ever with a few new helpers coming on board and the ECEA Junior Sprints have been handed off to Andrew Tsakanikas and a revamped Youth Team. The ECEA FastKIDZ will be better than ever.

Since December the Youth Hare Scrambles Registration has been under way. You Can Sign up Here 

Processed Hare Scramble Numbers are listed HERE   Junior Sprint Riders can use their HS Numbers.

ECEA Junior Sprint Riders  Get Your Memberships HERE

STAY TUNED to the web for upcoming Sponsor Programs and The First Sprint Pre Entry.

HOT off the presses.
The ECEA Enduro Team has introduced the 2018 ECEA Membership Registration.

The purpose of the Enduro Membership is to move the ECEA Enduros into the next phase of Electronic Scoring at events and build for the future. The ECEA Enduros are still 80% traditional time keeping that uses a scorecard, that is still the way check points will be used but upon tallying the scores at the days end, the Enduro Team and MotoTally will have scores posted in no time and online by the time you get home. This membership will also update your data for faster pre entry for all enduros and future sprint enduros.

THIS MEMBERSHIP is NOT an ASSOCIATE or CLUB MEMBERSHIP for Enduros. You must follow the ECEA Club Rules for Year End Banquet Points. 

An ECEA Enduro card will be issued, the ANNUAL Fee for this card is $10 and ALL Riders must have this membership before entering a 2018 Enduro.
Registration is ONLINE. Cards will be available for pick up at events and these cards will entitle you to a 10% discount at over 40 dealers in the tri-state area.