Happy New Year 2017

Whats up the the ECEA ??
The Banquet on Jan 14, if you want information, see if you are a winner or would just like to go spend the day with ECEA friends and family see below


Banquet is coming together please click on save the date logo or here for info on reservations etc. Check for your placements in Banquet Awards Hare Scramble VIEW HERE Youth HS FastKIDZ VIEW HERE Hare Scramble 100% Club --- 140 + qualifers for big drawing CHECK HERE Enduros VIEW HERE Junior enduros VIEW HERE The forums are updated and being …
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Awards Banquet - Save the Date

It is that Time of year again, the ECEA/MSR annual Awards Banquet is January 14 2017 at the Valley Forge Convention Center / Casino, King of Prussia, PA. This Page contains the information you need about the banquet, Location, Flyers, Tickets and more. The Banquet Event contains 3 parts: Vendor Expo with bench racing, sponsors and seminars, The FastKIDZ Awards /After Party and …
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100% Club - Hare Scrambles 140+ Riders Qualifed

CHECK THIS LIST for your Name, Each rider here will be rewarded at the banquet and put into a special drawing. In addition to a recognition of riding all events in 2016 with a couple swag items, we will pick riders to win free races and more... The ECEA and 100% Goggles will be giving away; 5 FULL Paid 2017 Entries …
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The Forums...

The ECEA Forums are new and updated.
If you can log in then just re register and enjoy. It will take 24-48 hrs to get approved.
Visit Them HERE

Hare Scrambles

Renew or get your 2017 Numbers - Open NOW
Deadline to renew Feb 1
after 2/1 all remaining numbers are open to all


Want to Try an Enduro, well the ECEA has some in fact 18 of the most varied types of enduro riding anywhere in the USA.
The ECEA Enduro Staff is looking for a few good helpers.. step up, join us.

Changes in place for 2017...

The new Rule book will be published by 3/1 and posted on site. Hilites below
  • Pit Area, Many events especially in NJ, REQUIRE the use of a pit area to gas and service your riders. Riders at these events will be assisted on the course by the course marshalls or sweep riders or emergency personal. When a pit area is posted and mandated it must be used. Rider penalty will be imposed. This is an ECEA and now AMA rule.
  • Race Bike, The Rider MUST complete the event on the bike he has started the event on the starting line. NO Changing of bikes after the start, NO riding another bike for SEAT Time. Your bike is done, you are done.
  • CLASS ADVANCING, No longer can you test ride another higher skill level class. In the PAST you can ride 2 events before you move up BUT in 2017, Once you move up you are Advanced. SO if you are a C rider and ride a B event then you are a B Rider. If you ride B and try an A Class you are now a A rider. This applies to cross disaplines MX, Enduro, Extreme, GP etc..
    Youth riders below 16 are bound by age but if they dabble as a B or A rider during there youth career when they come of age they go into that upper class they rode in.....
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