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open til Friday Noonish  , Sign up at event Saturday Morning, 10AM   NEW Start Times 11:30, 1:30pm, 3:30
Gates Open 6 pm Friday.   Saturday Junior Event and Kids fun night with Water slide and Sharknado complements of Fun Factory Cobra – John C…

SUNDAY -Morning 9:30  Bssr,C and support class EVENT – NO SPORTSMAN ,  Enduro Class Structure with Womens A/B and C and Schoolboy
                     1 PM MAIN Event AA, A , B riders, Women A/B

Please park per attendants directions,, Limited parking for Sunday.  Please Park tight. Local camping at Knoebels and others. Indian Head
Sign up Sunday Events – Saturday afternoon till approx 4 pm   USE ONLINE til Friday afternoon CLICK HERE

100% plus AA Pro Payouts, A rider Payout.  Plaques top 3 and Medals to 5th..

LOOP 1 , SHOT GEAR Red Hot Trail .. Approx 2.8 miles Fun Flowing .  All Levels will Ride this.
LOOP 2CYCLE PLAYGROUND Rocking the Blues.. Approx 3 miles of Single track. off camber, 2 creeks, added Rocks and roots. Adults and Youth 85cc +
LOOP 3, MTA Orange Crush Trail.. Approx 3 + Miles of everything the Shotgun can give you. Lensons Leap, Snivlers Knob, Lenny’s back door to hell, Schaffer Shotgun blast thru the logging and Tom’s Rocking the ruts across the road..  ALL Main riders will test their skills…

GREAT SPECTATING as all loops clover leaf to behind the club house. 

This weekend is the VFTR Mountain Top Hare Scramble in Mahanoy City, PA

Next up is the Rattlesnake National..  info at

July 29 and July 30 is the HMDR Sprint Enduro weekend, Not a Hare Scramble !!
Everyone, Hare Scrambles and Enduro riders are welcomed to this special inaugural event of Sprint Enduro in the ECEA.
THIS is a regular ECEA Junior Sprint Series Event but a non points ADULT Event.    Pre entry is OPEN.. Enter TODAY.

DELAWARE HARE SCRAMBLE is CANCELED , sorry as the club tried very hard to make this happen.

There is over $2000 in ECEA Scholarships available,  4 individual scholarships will be awarded in 2017.

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RORR is in Tamaqua and Thorn is from Tamaqua.. local , former ecea FastKIDZ, has had his ups and down but this weekend Thorn Devlin has proved he is the master of the Rock runs, 2017 RORR Overall Winner.  On his tail was another young rider… Ryder Lafferty held tight to take second overall and RORR member and another youngin for the FastKIDZ core, Jared Mohn  took the 3rd spot..

The ECEA is built for the ground up with an incredible youth program..the FastKIDZ.. Long ago our motto was “Kids are our future” and they have been and will always be…..
Below is Ian Wiesman after giving it 110% at RORR with dad in the background